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Ho shou wu herb, he shou wu hair loss and he shou wu weight loss

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he shou wu benefits for hair and he shou wu benefits for skin
ho shou wu herb

he shou wu is a kind of Chinese medicinal material, which mainly has the function of nourishing the blood and activating collaments and calming the mind, and can also play the role of black hair, nourishing the liver and kidney and strengthening the muscles and bones. he shou wu can also be used to moisten bowel and detoxify the treatment of malaria. It is also effective in treating eczema.

he shou wu hair loss and shou wu pian hair loss

he shou wu treatment of hair loss is a long-standing effective method, he shou wu Sheng and Zhi, Sheng is Sheng he shou wu, its main effect in addition to nourishing the liver and kidney, is mainly moistening bowel laxative effect, But the treatment for hair loss is usually Zhi he shou wu.
Zhi he shou wu can effectively stimulate hair follicle parts, nourishing liver and kidney, tonifying blood, so as to achieve the purpose of hair growth. Generally it can be used to grind flour, mixed into porridge or other food to be taken, can also be used to boil eggs, as well as provide protein.
In fact, there are many types of hair loss, the common is the deficiency of liver and kidney syndrome, its available Zhi he shou wu treatment. Another is positive evidence, such as qi stagnation and blood stasis, which is caused by excessive anxiety. Positive evidence shows that if you use Zhi he shou wu, it will not only not achieve therapeutic effect, but also aggravate hair loss.

he shou wu weight loss

With the function of moistening the intestine and detoxifying, it can promote intestinal peristalsis and discharge intestinal waste, reduce intestinal absorption of cholesterol and prevent cholesterol deposition in the liver. But use alone has no effect, need to use with other Chinese medicinal materials.