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Foti root benefits and foti root uses

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Foti root benefits and foti root uses
Foti root benefits

1. Protect your heart. foti root contains lecithin, which protects the heart.
2. Lowering blood pressure and sugar. Taking Polygonum multiflorum can play the role of lowering blood pressure and blood sugar, which is conducive to the treatment of blood pressure and diabetes.
3. Sterilization and detoxification. foti root contains anthraquinones, which have antiviral properties.
4. Moisten the bowel. foti root promotes intestinal motility and improves constipation.

Foti root uses

As a kind of traditional Chinese medicine, foti root can be put into decoction, decoction, pill and powder. If it is used as dietary medicine, foti root can be eaten with rice porridge, or meat such as chicken and pig bones can be added to make soup. foti root can also be used to soak alcohol, which can be drunk for about a month after being soaked in a high concentration of alcohol.

●Black sesame yam foti root

[Ingredients] : 250g black sesame, 250g yam, 250g cooked Polygonum multiflorum.
[Method] : Wash the black sesame, dry it in the sun, fry it and grind it into a fine powder. Wash the yam, slice it, dry it and grind it into a fine powder. The Polygonum multiflorum slices are dried, ground into fine powder, mixed with sesame powder and yam powder, bottled for use.
[Usage] : 2 times a day, 25 grams each time, into a pot, with warm boiling water to thin paste, put on the fire until cooked.
[Role] : Strengthen the spleen and kidney, nourish blood and essence. Spleen and kidney deficiency anemia, disease meet yellow or pale, dizziness, fatigue, fear of cold limbs cold, waist and knee pain, tongue light moss white, pulse sinking.

●Steamed pork liver with foti root

[Ingredients] : 20 grams of foti root, 250 grams of pork liver slices, 10 grams of barbarum seeds, 2 slices of ginger, 2 sticks of scallions, 1 teaspoon of salt, a little sugar, a little sesame oil, 1 teaspoon light soy sauce, 1 teaspoon rice wine.
[Method] : 1. Soak multiflorum multiflorum in warm boiling water for 5 hours, slice, slice pork liver and marinate slightly; Wash the berries and set them aside. 2. Mix all the ingredients and seasonings well and marinate them slightly. Steam them in the oven for about 6 minutes.

●Simmered chicken with foti root

[Raw material] : foti root 30 grams, 1 hen, salt, ginger, cooking wine appropriate amount.
[Method] :
1. Grind foti root into fine powder and set aside;
2. After slaughter, wash the hen's hair removal piles and viscera, wrap the multiflorum multiflorum powder with cloth, put it into the belly of the chicken, put it in a tile pot, add the right amount of water, and simmer until cooked;
3. Remove polygonum multiflora bag from chicken belly, add salt, ginger, cooking wine can be appropriate.

●Foti root and cucumber soup

Raw materials: 5 grams of foti root, 150 grams of sea cucumber, 10 grams of bean seedlings, 50 grams of pork belly, 10 grams of ginger, 600 grams of clear soup. Seasonings: 5g salt, 3g chicken essence, 1g sugar, 1g pepper.
1. Wash the foti root, cut the sea cucumber into strips after rising, blanch the pork belly, slice the ginger and set aside.
2. the pot on the heat, put in the clear soup, ginger, multiflorum multiflorum, pork belly, sea cucumber, fire to boil, turn to simmer for 30 minutes, then add the bean seedlings simmer for 10 minutes to taste.