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How does he shou wu treat gray hair? Does it work for gray hair

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How does he shou wu treat gray hair? Does it work for gray hair
Hair turning white is a physiological phenomenon. Hair turning white prematurely can be taken internally with traditional Chinese medicine he shou wu. Its effect on the treatment of white hair is clinically recognized.
He shou wu treatment of white hair, can choose food therapy, such as steamed pork liver, fish head tofu pot, roast chicken, boiled eggs can add he shou wu. Adhere to take one to three months will have obvious effect, at the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to the need to strengthen rest, moderate exercise, not to stay up late.
You can boil heshouwu in water and use it twice a day for one to two months to see results.
You can use heshouwu to make wine, which needs to soak for 2-3 months and drink 10 ml every day. It can also make the hair black and promote the blood circulation of the skin, so that the hair can grow better. There are also many traditional Chinese medicines with the ingredient of Multiflorum multiflorum, such as Bazhen soup, which can nourish the qi and blood and make the black hair grow.