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Best way to take he shou wu and he shou wu uses

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Best way to take he shou wu and he shou wu uses
The best way to take he shou wu include decocting medicine, porridge, soup or wine.
he shou wu as a kind of Chinese medicine, can be put into decoction, decoction, pill, powder. If it is used as dietary medicine, he shou wu can be eaten with rice porridge, or meat such as chicken and pig bones can be added to make soup to drink. he shou wu can also be used to soak wine, in a high concentration of alcohol can be drunk for about a month.
he shou wu as a traditional Chinese medicine has the effect of detoxification, antimalarial (treatment of malaria), carbuncle, moistening bowel and laxative. It is mainly used to treat scrofula, scrofula (tuberculosis of the neck or axillary lymph nodes), itchiness of rubella, dryness, constipation, deficiency of malaria. he shou wu medicine bitter, sweet, astringent, so loose stool or wet phlegm people should be careful to take.
Therefore, he shou wu can be used according to the patient's own conditions. If the patient feels uncomfortable, should seek medical attention in time and take the medicine according to the doctor's advice. Self-medication should be avoided to avoid adverse reactions.