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He shou wu benefits and he shou wu side effects

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He shou wu is a traditional Chinese medicine, with nourishing blood, nourishing Yin, moistening bowel and other effects.
He shou wu has bitter, sweet, astringent taste, warm nature, functions of the liver, heart and kidney, nourishing the blood and nourishing the Yin, moistening the intestine and purging the bowel, removing wind, stopping malaria and detoxifying effects. He shou w has scrofulous ulcer, scrofula, pruritus, chronic malaria deficiency, dryness and constipation. He shou wu is used for blood deficiency and yellowing, vertigo and tinnitus, early white hair, waist and knee tenderness, limb numbness, cavitating and leakage, hyperlipidemia.
Although He shou wu has many benefits, it is not suitable for all people to use, especially those with loose stool and wet phlegm, so as not to aggravate the discomfort after consumption. He shou wu can be taken internally or externally. It should not be used together with pork, pig's blood, scaleless fish, scallion, garlic or other foods to avoid affecting the efficacy or causing adverse reactions.
He shou wu was effective in blackening white hair, but did not have much effect on regrowing hair in people without hair.